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Upload metadata and data

ETN works with different contexts. Each context refers to a technology type. By clicking the header, you can choose the technology type of your interest and switch between the different contexts. The steps to enter metadata are the same among different contexts. Depending on the context, different metadata types are required. Currently there are four different contexts available.



  • Acoustic Telemetry: for acoustic tags.
  • Archival Data: for DST tags
  • Acoustic Archival: for ADST tags
  • Underwater acoustics: for CPODs and SOUNDTRAPs


General remarks:

  • Do not use special characters or symbols.
  • All date/times must follow ISO8601 format (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ)

For tag/receiver metadata:

  • Once a tag or receiver is uploaded, the metadata stays in the database and it does not need to be uploaded again if it is used for another project.
  • The tag or receiver status must be uploaded as ‘available’ before linking it to an animal or deployment, respectively. The status becomes automatically ‘active’ when an animal/deployment is linked to the tag/receiver, respectively.

For animal metadata:

  • projectName’ must match exactly the name of the project in ETN.
  • tag’ must match exactly the tag full ID of the tag used for this particular animal. Tag full ID includes ‘tagSpaceCode’, hyphen and ‘idCode’ (e.g. A69-1601-56789).

For deployment metadata:

  • Receiver field must be: model + hyphen + serial number (e.g. VR2W-12345).
  • The deployments are linked to a receiver. All the receivers must be in the database before uploading the deployments.
  • Before uploading detection data, ‘recoverDateTime’ must be empty. When a deployment contains a recovery date, the system does not allow to upload detections for this receiver.
  • When the data for a deployment are successfully uploaded, the deployment is automatically closed (i.e. a recoveryDate is added) and a new deployment is created with the starting date matching the recovery date of the previous deployment.