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Spatio-temporal meta-analysis of silver European eel migration


Activity and movement pattern of spiny lobsters in the Mediterranean


Spatial ecology of greater amberjack


Acoustic array for detecting sharks in the Mediterranean


BECORV - Ecological bases for the sustainable management of meagre


Fine-scale multi-species telemetry in lakes Most and Milada


Multi-species habitat use in a Belgian offshore wind farm


WE PASS - Facilitating fish migration & conservation at the Iron Gates


Seasonal habitat use and migration of European seabass in the southern North Sea


Silver European Eel escapement success and migration patterns in River Ems


Spawning migration behaviour of twaite shad in the Scheldt Estuary, Belgium


Fine-scale movements of fish at artificial reefs in the Aegean Sea


Activity and distribution of fish in the Rimov Reservoir (TeRi)